Kristina Seymour, is a natural encourager. She began writing and running in elementary school, embarking on a quest to make meaning of, and find hope in, the midst of darkness. Over the past two decades, Dr. Seymour has authored more than 20 books.

Kristina was born in Burien, Washington. While many family members, including her parents, struggled with substances, she was determined to experience a better ending to her life story than it began. Her father left when she was 3 years old, after which she endured the presence of several horrible step-fathers. At the age of 7, however, she “woke up, stuck in a coma”. This was a pivotal, life-changing, moment for Kristina. Not knowing anything about “God”, other than He must look like Santa and wear a red suit, smile, laugh a lot, and have a pet bunny, she began talking to God in that coma. She had an instant knowing that while she may be trapped in her body, bound by the physical, God was Spirit; therefore, He was not bound by the physical. She began talking to God because she believed that He was the only one who could hear her and respond. Kristina knew she could go on with God and experience peace, comfort, hugs, and a forever-love; leaving abuse and neglect behind – or, she could return to the chaos of the physical world in which her older brother and best-friend, Shawn, remained and was waiting for her to wake up. By the Grace of God, she woke up and got up.

In the Book of Mark, chapter 5, there is a story about a 12 year old girl who is dead. Jesus takes her by the hand and says, “Talitha koum”, which means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”. Immediately, the girl stands and walks.  This story, and many more like it, are the fuel that light a fire in Kristina’s mind. She, like many people who have had near-death experiences, awoke with a newfound purpose and a profound belief that anything is possible, if you believe! For whether we believe we can or we believe we can’t; we are right. Whether we believe we have a hope and a future or we don’t; we do or we don’t; according to what we believe. Further, being awake, but trapped in her body in that coma, she was given the gift of thinking, seeing, hearing, and existing – not bound by the mere physical. She was given the gift through first-hand experience, rendering her physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually unable to refute the Truth she now well knew, on all of these levels. Although she was not expected to live, almost being unplugged from life-support and called “Retarded” by a physician in the children’s hospital… Comprehension-and-Peace-Beyond-Understanding, beyond circumstances, beyond negative thoughts, beyond painful emotions and insurmountable odds, became her Companion-and-Friend-for-Life; she calls Him God, and considers Him her Father.

Little did she know then that she would need the gifts she was given, not only to awake from the coma, but to continue to stand firm and walk – sometimes, even run – in the day to day, often dangerously filled days of her childhood, teen years and beyond. She followed her older brother’s footsteps, joining the US Military at the age of 18. She began attending college at night, in between missions, while serving in the US Air Force (1991-1995). At the age of 18 she also married the love of her life, Brian Seymour, a tabbed Airborne Ranger in the U.S. Army (Class of 12-93). Upon being Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Military in 1995, Kristina and Brian moved across the country, from Washington State to Georgia, with their 4-month-old daughter, Faith. In 1998, their son Jacob was born. At the age of 10-months old, he was diagnosed as profoundly deaf. At the age of 5, he was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome and told he would go blind by the age of 10. Kristina and her family would need to dig deep and trust the Truths that were engrained in her heart and mind during and beyond her coma-experience. As a family, they would all need to learn to listen with their hearts rather than hear with mere ears; to walk by faith and see with eyes of faith rather than solely utilize their physical sight. They would need to learn how to not only survive, but thrive beyond the confines of physical abilities.

“I am highly driven by the belief that my life is not my own... it was bought with a price.”
— Kristina

Author, Kristina Seymour, has prolifically penned her first-hand accounts of living by faith in the midst of everyday life. In 2000, at the age of 24, her first book, God and Coffee: in that order, was published by a traditional publisher. However, she learned the hard way that she must not give away her creative rights of cover design and editing – or anything else. The cover must be welcoming and intriguing to the eyes and heart and the content must be authentic! Committed to living by faith, fueled by Grace, in the midst of everyday life, Kristina continues to write and publish the messages that God lays on her heart. She writes about everyday life with hope and humor. She also writes about enduring tragedy with a victor’s mindset. Today, she writes for the same reasons she began writing at the age of 7 – to find meaning and hope in the midst of darkness and disappointments.  Author of over 20 books – some already published and some in the process of being published through Share & Company, the publishing company she founded in 2015 – Kristina is passionate about not only living by faith in the midst of everyday life, but encouraging others to do the same.

Kristina lives with her husband, Brian, a 6th grade math teacher, and their Belgian Malinois, Kodiak, out in the country in South Carolina. Kristina’s children are grown, working for and earning their college degrees in Georgia. Her son, Jacob, is earning a degree in animation. He hopes to bring hope to others through animated stories of encouragement and perseverance. Her daughter, Faith, is earning a degree in leadership & business management. She married the most wonderful son-in-law a woman could pray for, Colbey, who is in his 3rd year of his electrical journeyman program. And, Kristina is beyond in love with her precious grandson, Kelson, whose name means, “strong, with structural integrity,” born on Christmas Day, 2016!

Dr. Kristina Seymour is also a clinical psychologist and trauma recovery specialist, working with veterans who desire to not only survive tragedy, but thrive in life. She completed her doctorate in clinical psychology in 2014 and continually seeks to combine common sense and insight into clinical practice.  Kristina views the therapeutic process in much the same way she views writing... "It is about helping someone tell their story as a cohesive narrative; with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Most importantly, relief and recovery begin when one finds a way to make meaning out of their struggles – transitioning from the victim in their life story to the victor. I consider it an honor to walk alongside veterans, reminding them they are not alone.”