Reflection On: Today

We all hope for something above the mundane and find inspiration when we commit to a cause greater than ourselves. It’s a challenge, though – in the midst of it all to maintain a good attitude, especially when we are tired, worn out and depleted.

Maybe that’s why I like coffee so much. Sometimes, I get some in the middle of the day simply because the smell of it inspires me to start a new. A fresh cup brings a fresh perspective and the fuel to persevere. Coffee is my writing companion. It reminds me of rainy days in Olympia, WA, night-shifts in the Air Force, and working on early morning and late night papers for college. Coffee has assisted me in writing every chapter for every book as I experienced first-hand the content for it.

The Olympic National Rain Forrest in Washington even has several espresso coffee huts stationed strategically throughout it. I’m not kidding!  They look like porta-potties from afar – they are not. Even the BP Gas Station near my very first house behind the Hawkes Prairie Truck Stop in Lacey, WA, had a full service coffee bar. I would stop in and get a triple shot, hazel nut latte before my 12-hour-night-shift on my way to McChord Air Force Base…  

It’s amazing how on a very cold winter day in Camden, SC, drinking coffee and writing reminds me of a time in my life in WA over 25 years ago. I think it’s because the poem, Today, below, although written almost three decades ago, is still relevant today. I think it’s because the challenge remains to break out of monotony, pushing through to achieve dreams, while still being present in the present and enjoying the journey. I do believe, however, that the later statement is something that has been cultivated more and more within me over the last 20 years.  

As you live out your today, may you be encouraged and reminded that the only thing more valuable than your todayis what you do with it and for whom and what purposes you spend it.


Today I rose to the occasion

I stood and took a stand

Because suddenly my world

Just ran out of land

The sea had overcome

The waves within my mind

And today I made the decision

To live a life more kind

The kind of life I wanted

Was one of peace and hope

And the life I had been living

Had become too dull to cope

It wasn’t that I just woke up

And every day punched a clock

It wasn’t that my dreams and hopes

Overflowed and would not stop

It seemed that no matter how hard

I thought that the day was

I was tired at the end of it

simply just because

And If I was going to be tired

At the end of every day

I wanted it to be for a reason

That was worth a line in a good play

She rested for she defeated the depths of despair

she rested for she inspired some souls with immense

hope and flare

And Lord I know you care about

Even the sparrow as he falls

So Lord please hear my cry

And listen when I call

Today I’d like to take a stand

And break out of monotony

Today dear Lord will you help me

Live more victoriously

Will you take my dreams

And mount them up

Like an eagle as he soars

Will you take my negativity

And make me good unto the core

Lord I just can’t wake up every day rise

And then go back to sleep

That kind of life is a quiet life

And it hardly sounds a peep

I’d like to roar like a lion

Soar like the wind

Today I’d like to make a change

May You live your life