Packed Hearts

As I helped my son pack everything to move him up to Kennesaw State University this past weekend, I couldn't help but remember all the early mornings packing up breakfast and cochlear implant parts to drive to The Atlanta Speech School. I thought of all the packed lunches as he ventured to his regular elementary school upon graduating from The Atlanta Speech School. In between loads in the freezing weather in Kennesaw, GA, I told my husband, "Being a mom means your heart is never fully yours ever again." I felt my heart bursting wide open because it just couldn't contain all the excitement and missing him already feelings that flooded me. My daughter, Faith, son-in-love, and grandson drove up too. I'm also so proud of my daughter who is so thoughtful and loving. She's such a great wife and mom. And she's working full-time and going to school full time like I did (Which is where "God & Coffee: in that order" originated from in the first place).  I just can't believe my kids are grown. It's such an odd feeling. I still see their little 5-year-old faces sometimes when I look at them.  My Mom & Dad in-loves came too. It was a family caravan. As I drink some bold coffee and get ready to do a double work-out to work out some more mamma tears (in the form of sweat), I thought it was fitting to share the "Packed Hearts" poem from God & Coffee: in that order I - with enough prayer and caffeine anything is possible - even heart growing pains for this Warrior Mom (TM).


"Velveeta cheese!

Yes, I'm so excited

Do you have an awesome sandwich?

or did you just get slighted?

Was your mom or dad too tired

to pack you a fancy lunch?

Well, hey, don't worry,

here, have my Capri Sun fruit punch.

I wish for your sake you had mozzarella string cheese.

Don't cry, here's my napkin, take it to wipe your tears please.

Oh yea, it says, 'I love you' on it - my mom can be a nerd.

You don't have my kind of packed lunch,

but your prayers are still heard.

My mom says funny things like,

'God packs our hearts every day-

so that when we are older we won't lose our way.'

Does your mom say things like that?

Hey, here do you want my apple?

My mom peeled the skin off

cause she said she's setting an example.”