God & Coffee

While working full time, going to school full time and taking care of a family, people would ask, “How do you do it all?” to which I would reply, “God & Coffee: in THAT order” with enough prayer and caffeine anything is possible.

When I was a senior at GA State University, I became pregnant with my surprise blessing of a son, Jacob. I continued to work and attend classes – that is until the day I paid my 5 bucks and parked in the 5 story parking garage only to find I was so huge, I could not get out of my car!

Turns out compact parking spots are for compact cars and people!

So, I decided to take a quarter off from college and write a book. Yes, it is entitled: God & Coffee: in that order.

But God & Coffee: alone are not enough. In order to tap into the power of God & Coffee one must be as bold as the God they seek and the coffee they drink. One must partner with God and persevere. In order to do so I encourage you to implement three principles in your life.

Anything is possible if:

1: You believe

2: You refuse to quit

3: You do the next thing

My 1st God & Coffee Point is that: Anything is possible if you believe because whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t you’re right!

One of the benefits of waking up stuck in a coma at the age of 7 is that it forced me to consider what I believed. Never having been taught of God, I immediately believed that He existed and that God alone would do for me what I could not do for myself.

Just think what a tragedy it would have been if I woke up stuck in a coma and then decided that I did not believe in God! I more than likely would have just let go of this world had I not chosen to believe beyond myself. However, there is a high price to be paid for such an extreme belief – the belief that all things are possible if you believe. You see, it means that NOTHING is not possible.

Now, don’t think that I’m delusional. I don’t believe that I can jump off a cliff and defy gravity, I’m also not talking about a bunch of hocus pokus like if I believe I’ll win the lottery I will, but let’s be clear - there is a high price to be paid for this extreme belief– this belief that all things are possible. You see, it means that NOTHING, leaving things like gravity and the lottery out, is not possible.

Which means that I have no excuses. Can you imagine learning at the age of 7 – because you had to – that all things are possible if you believe?!

I was expected to die, but I lived. I received first-hand evidence that defying the odds IS POSSIBLE.

Further, I come from a people seeking quick relief from the challenges of life and finding it in substances. But I found faith –or more so, I should say Faith found me– the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen – and I began to believe for exceedingly more than I could ask or believe for.

Now think about that for a moment. If I’m already branded by a miracle and the message that ANYTHING is possible if I believe – and THEN I learn that God is able to do exceedingly more than THAT – I’m done for – never ever EVER can I not believe.  Just as oil and water don’t mix – I am CALLED to never quit believing that anything is possible.  

This leads me to my second God & Coffee Point:

All things are possible if you don’t quit:

To be honest, I’ve wanted to quit  - to truly quit in life because it’s so dang hard sometimes. I wanted to quit and just clock out from the diagnoses of deafness and blindness but nobody was standing in line to take my place. And if not me – then who? Who else was going to teach my son to listen with his heart and see with eyes of faith?  As my Airborne Ranger husband has told me a million times, “Quitting is not an option.” But, let’s be clear “quitting” is NOT NOT part of my MO – not because I don’t want it to be but because I have learned the hard way that anything is possible if you believe. And you see, you can’t unlearn what you’ve learned. Once you’ve learned something, especially when you’ve learned it the hard way, you can no longer live in ignorant bliss.

This Quitting not being an option Theory has been tested countless times. Consider your own life. Consider the things you decided not to quit on. And in the process of accomplishing them you more than likely experienced a rippling effect of other accomplishments.  And, even if you didn’t accomplish the exact original goal that you set out to accomplish, by not quitting, you kept believing that it was better to keep trying than to stop trying, and in all the trying of very trying times, you ended up somewhere better – in your mind, your heart, and your circumstances than you would have been in had you decided to quit. There’s no refuting this; it’s a universal lesson.

To review, anything is possible if you

1 believe

2 you refuse to quit and my 3rd God & Coffee Point is that

Anything is possible if when you don’t know what to do – you do the next thing you know to do

There was a time in my life when I honestly did not know what to do about all the things I couldn’t do anything about. So, I was forced to focus on and consider doing the things that were within my control.

Things like: doing the dishes, refilling the hand-made pottery Q-tip holder in the bathroom, making a pot of coffee to drink a cup but more so to smell it and perk up my spirit, collecting leaves with my daughter, playing cars with my son, writing the next paper that was due, or writing a love note to my husband. Now, I know these things don’t sound like record breaking Olympic events and, in the big scheme of things what do they matter? Well, I have learned the hard way that the seemingly little things that appear to not matter actually matter the most because they are connected to a whole host of things that are profoundly important.

All things matter like remaining committed to those we love and showing it in our actions, especially in the midst of hard times surrounded by so much that we can’t control. Yes, I have found that when I commit to doing the next thing that I know to do in the midst of all that I don’t, the rest eventually falls into place.

Now, does it fall exactly into place as I thought or hoped it would? Absolutely not.

But by doing the next thing you know to do in the midst of all that you don’t, life has way of turning out way better than you ever feared it wouldn’t.

And the next time someone asks you, “Hey, how do YOU do it all?

May you offer them up some “God & Coffee”

But remember “God & Coffee” alone aren’t enough. Anything is possible if you persevere by:

1: Believing

2: Refusing to quit and

3: In the midst of all that you don’t know to do, you commit to doing the next thing that you know to do.

May you be as bold as the God you seek and the coffee you drink.