At Just The Right Time

Timing is everything. Oprah once said that success is when preparation and opportunity meet. I completely agree. I also know that our perfect timing and God’s officially perfect timing are not always in synch. Our time table is based on our wants, needs, fears, hopes, dreams, emotions, and our physical sight. God’s timing is based on things we can’t even begin to fully understand and it operates based on eyes of faith, ensuring that it is not limited by mere physical sight, circumstances, and human-reason.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Living a Life of Faith requires that one not base their identify, their destiny, or their worth on what people say or do to define them.  If you want to see what Living a Life of Faith looks like, look for someone who refuses to let circumstances dictate their destiny. In fact, look for someone who looks Circumstance straight in the face and says, “This is not the end of the story; this is where my story takes a turn for the better because I will not settle for ‘this’!” When people and circumstances attempt to taunt them into a breakdown, they take it as an opportunity to break through! You know when you are witnessing such a glorious event when the person acts in a way that confirms that they believe they have what it takes to do what they need to do to push through, move through, and overcome. Additionally, they do this for the greater good of others. As a result, at just the right time, those who live by faith do receive their breakthrough.

When you witness a young person, who is wise beyond their years, refuse to allow others to look down on them simply because they are young, count yourself fortunate to have a front row seat to such showmanship! Sure, others may try to look down on them and discredit them, even frame them, but the young person refuses to receive any of their negativity. In this way, the young person who is wise beyond their years, continues to exhibit the everyday details of insight, integrity, common sense, and good o’l fashioned hard work. Typically, after much persecution, their moment of victory arrives. Either the persecutor is no more, or, the young person receives favor and justice in the same setting, or, the young person knows it’s time to leave. However it ends up shaking out, their practical application faith and tenacity earns them a place of honor in the “Living a Life of Faith” Hall of Fame.  

When someone who is older in years, and even that much wiser in wisdom, continues to give back more than they take, you are witnessing a Life of Faith being lived out to the fullest. For them, even though the decades have been full of challenges, they appear that much more determined to make every moment matter. They value people more than the bottom line, which is more than likely why their bottom line, continues to grow, despite apparent set-backs. The one who is favored by years and wisdom knows that time is on their side in that as long as they continue to plant, they will eventually witness many harvests. And yet, they can simultaneously rest assured that even the harvests they never physically see, will have rippling effects for generations to come, and that is good enough for them because they do it for the greater good of others. They are content with the fact that at just the right time each time the next “right time” arrives, they will plant, harvest, and impact each person and each moment for the greater good of all.

I agree with Oprah in that success in when preparation meets opportunity. When I apply this concept to Living a Life of Faith, preparation occurs each time we position ourselves on the foundation of what we know to be true about God, Unconditional Love, and Steadfastness, refusing to settle for anything less than that. The preparation part of this Faith-Success is within our control. The opportunity part, is not fully controlled by us; it remains in God’s hands. If He has a unique opportunity that is specifically designed for us, nobody and nothing can take it from us (except us, of course.). You see, it is up to us to receive it. And, in order to receive something new, we must release something first. For example, if I am holding onto something average, mediocre, comfortable, and status-que, I must first release it in order to receive the above average, high average, over-the-top-wonderful thing, place or person, awaiting me. In this way, the gift of free will can work for us or against us when the opportunity arrives.

On this cold, rainy, Monday, I am inspired by the lives of those living by faith in my midst. I am thankful for their love and friendship. And, I am impressed with their courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is doing it in spite of fear. For me, the commission of Living a Life of Faith calls to me with a question each morning, “What do you fear?” Either I will answer that question in fear or I will respond with my faith in action despite my fears, knowing full well that at just the right time, preparation and opportunity will meet and work successfully together for my good – as well as the good of others.