Fear is a Liar Faith is a Warrior

Fear lies to us in order to attempt to hold us in a prison cell of self-doubt. With this doubt-filled mind-set we find the answer to our questions:

“Will I fail? Do I have what it takes? Will I lose everything? Am I destined to be alone forever?”

It yells, “Yes, you will fail; no, you don’t have what it takes; yes, you will lose everything, and of course, you are forever destined to be alone.”

Why does this happen? Because none of us like not having control. So, we ask questions and then we answer them in fear so that we will at least have an answer, which gives us the façade that we have more control. After all, at least now our questions are answered. But, if the answers we have are of poor quality – filled with doubt and fear – how the heck is that helpful? It’s not. Further, control is a façade anyway. Sure, we can control our responses, but we cannot control all the things we can’t control. When we try, we increase the likelihood that we can’t control the things we can’t control.  Essentially, we start out with bad odds and we end up with worse odds…. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! And, this vicious cycle causes anxiety and fear to taunt us all the while telling us to chase our figurative tails! We don’t accomplish anything worthwhile this way. Fear, on the other hand, is successful at effectively keeping us in the prison cell of self-doubt. And, the benefits for us is that at least the cell is familiar.

Why do we settle for Familiar when Familiar is less than optimal?! I think it’s because we like the known things – even if the current known environment is a poor quality prison cell of self-doubt. At least there’s no surprises here. Seriously? We settle for this?!

Ahhh, but Faith – Faith is a Warrior! Let’s ask Faith those same questions and compare responses.

“Hey Faith?!....

Will I fail? Do I have what it takes? Will I lose everything? Am I destined to be alone forever?”

Faith is not a fan of the mere Familiar and Faith is most certainly not a fan of prison cells of self-doubt. In fact, she detests them and lives for opportunities to kick their butts. Therefore, when beckoned, she victoriously shouts:

“Every great decision began with the decision to try! You have what it takes and then some! If you only focus on the cost and the possible loss, that is all you will gain; therefore, if you merely break even you will think that is good enough -  good enough is not good enough for you; shoot for excellence! Focus on the potential, recognizing that the greater the risks the greater the rewards, you will receive exceedingly more than you could ask or believe – so BELIEVE, and what do you mean alone? Look within; look around; seek you will find, knock and the door will be opened; ask and you will receive! It’s go time, and besides, I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s no lock on this prison door… just saying…”

OK, so I took some creative liberties here. Maybe my personified version of Faith is a little more of a wise-gal than your personified version of Faith would be, but I know you are track’n.

Fear and Faith co-exist, choose your focus wisely, my Friends.

Choosing Faith,


Fear is a Liar song by Zach Williams. Be encouraged!