Each book Kristina Seymour writes captures a moment in time in her life that she hopes will fuel you in yours.



Where the Red Cardinals Fly


Growing up in the violent hell of one mean evil stepfather and subsequent equally worse stepfathers, an alcoholic mother, and the reality of Welfare, taught Kristina Marie to be tough.  Her grandparents visited sometimes and she learned that another name for her hideous stepfather, “Bob,” other than “Dad,” which she detested calling him, was “Bastard.”  That’s what her grandma called him while gripping her cigarette between her lips, tighter than her clenched fist, as she talked to her grandpa in their driveway one day; and that’s what she would call him from now on.  She was proud that at 5 years old she had learned a more descriptive, powerful word. Kristina Marie, named after her grandma, Christine Marie, with the strength and courage of her 7 year old brother, endure hardships unfathomable to the average mind.  They warm themselves by the heat of the oven when the gas runs out of the furnace for weeks at a time, and they help each other when their mom is too drunk or beat up to know where they were or what they are doing.  They are as inseparable as the freckles across the tops of their noses.  They plan a great escape almost daily to find their real dad in Alaska.  Kristina Marie finds hope in red cardinals, and often wonders where they fly when winter comes.  She wants to fly away too, but will have to wait until she can drive or buy a Greyhound bus ticket.  She knows that red cardinals fly away when the winters get too harsh, to a place of warmth and peace; and she too is determined to find the place Where the Red Cardinals Fly.




The hustle and bustle of life seems to rage on at the intensity and speed (768 mph) at which sound travels, and I am left wondering how to withstand it, let alone experience any real joy in the midst of it all. And it was in this state of quandary that I approached the Throne of Grace one morning. God met me in my seeking and instructed me in His loving kindness with the following words, “Light a candle and consider Me.” And so I did. I reached for a match and lit the candle upon my desk, and I thought it was interesting the way the flame of the match touched the wick and nothing happened at first. And then, the flame doubled in size and in brightness, confirming its success. I sat in silence watching the little flame engulf the wick and dance and dance and dance as if it had been waiting to do so at first sight of the match.

I stared long enough for the wax to begin to melt and fill the air with a delightful cinnamon and lavender scent. It was then that I remembered what I was supposed to be doing…considering God. My mind drifted to a study of God’s Word I had recorded in my journal recently. I spent weeks searching His Word for any Scripture that referenced God as “I am”. Excitedly, I began to read them all. I then typed them up, and then I sorted them all by theme. Two hours must have gone by. I lost track of time because I was having so much fun that my previously heavily sighing, sad soul was encouraged. You see, something happened to me when I spent that intentional time with God, considering who He is. His protective covering embraced me as I sought His face, His Heart, and His help. I celebrated His Power, His Sovereignty, and His continually flowing Grace. And time did slow down to a beautiful whisper of peace that surpasses understanding. In God’s gracious fashion, He has invited me to share them with you…May you be equally encouraged and refreshed.




God's powerful work in the midst of everyday life, is what God & Coffee: in that order I
is all about. Author Kristina Seymour describes daily events in her life, much in the way we would describe our own. Family, career, identity, respect, dreams and so forth, are all common priorities in our lives, and oftentimes we face challenges that seem to multiply until we inevitably feel that we have lost control. Kristina Seymour's answer to her hectic life is simply, “God and coffee. With enough prayer and caffeine anything is possible!" Accompanying poems, written also by the author and Bible scriptures, enhance the reading of this book. God & Coffee: in that order I, is about priorities and goals, about life and its struggles; but most importantly, it is a story about God's faithfulness.


The Warrior Mom Handbook


Moms cannot survive on caffeine and animal crackers alone. They must be armed and nourished with the Word. The Warrior Mom Handbook – Equipping Women through the Word is a Bible study for women based on The Armor of God (Eph. 6:10-18) combined with the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). Many moms feel as if they’ve been battling all alone. Join other mothers on a journey meant to transform hearts, minds, and spirits. Alongside other Warrior Moms, you will realize that the battle is not yours; it is the Lord’s! Start a Bible study or dive in on your own and join the army of women who have discovered the strength and amazing grace of God through The Warrior Mom Handbook. The Warrior Mom study includes an optional online component so that each Warrior Mom can connect through simple blogging – enabling her to unite with other women in her class or throughout the world. Participating in the fun tote bag-and-button component also adds to the positive energy found within each chapter. Warrior Moms Unite!


The Warrior Mom Leadership ManuAl


The mission of the Warrior Mom Bible Study is to equip, encourage, unite and ignite hearts for the Kingdom of Christ. The aim of The Warrior Mom Leadership Manual is to prepare leaders to insightfully encourage their group of Warrior Moms. Brimming with touching devotionals, questions designed to spark lively discussions, and creative ideas, the leadership manual includes important topics that arose as Kristina taught her very first Warrior Moms' class. She writes to you as if she is there with you, personally cheering you on. Whether you are a seasoned Bible teacher or this is your first class, Kristina ensures that you will be thoroughly prepared and simultaneously inspired! Responding to the call to lead a group of women is an honorable task. Kristina joins you in heart while reminding you that the Holy Spirit accompanies you each step of the way. Warrior Moms Unite!


The Warrior Wife Handbook


The Warrior Wife Handbook: Strengthening marriage through the Word, is based on two key principles: one-we find our strength from the Word, which is God (John 1:1), and two-being united with other believers ensures there will be someone to help us up when we stumble (Ecclesiastes 4:10). As you delve into The Warrior Wife Handbook, you will realize that you are no longer fighting merely with your husband in front of you or with the woman in the mirror. We do not fight with flesh and blood, but with the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:10-18). Since The Garden of Eden, Wives have been tricked into being stale-mates rather than the help-mates God intended us to be. But there's hope! If you invite God to step in, His righteous hand will reach over and switch on the light of His love. It is then that you will hear Him say, "Are you ready to love and be loved as you never have before?" God's overarching message in this entire book is to love. Rise up! Rise up! Warrior Wives who have cried out for hope and searched for help. God is speaking. The battle is on, and to the enemy's plot against your marriage God says: GAME OVER!