“Everyone has a story to tell…”

Share & Company :: Defined

Share & Company is a full-service company for product creation and development, publishing, strategy, implementation, & marketing.

Share & Company :: History

In 2000, author, Kristina Seymour, was picked up by a traditional publisher. Her first book, God & Coffee: in that order, was published. There was only one problem: Kristina’s idea was not created or represented with excellence. The biggest tragedy was the original cover was changed and her words were edited in a way that was not consistent with her style.

And herein lies the need. Kristina needed a publisher that would not only publish her books with utmost excellence, but simultaneously remain true to the unique look and feel that were intended. She also needed that publisher to support and encourage her, while walking alongside her through the process of not only producing and publishing the book, but sharing it with the public. Out of these needs developed a purpose.

Share & Company :: the Need, the Purpose, the Mission

Founded by Kristina Seymour in 2015, Share & Company is based upon a need. Out of that need developed a purpose. Out of that purpose, a company was developed: serving as the vehicle by which the ideas, needs and purposes of all of her clients, manifest into tangible form. And once they reach tangible form, they are shared with others. Share & Company exists to help others share their testimony, time, talent, and treasures so that they, and all whom they encounter, are encouraged. That experience of encouragement is meant to be repeated over and over again…

Share & Company’s purpose and mission is to bring ideas to a tangible form of excellence. However, Share & Company is more than just a publisher of books; it serves as a vehicle by which ideas of all kinds are transformed into tangible, encouraging, products. A book is but one of those potential products. Share & Company is about helping others SHARE their testimony, time, talents, and treasures.

Share & Company :: Consultation Services

Dr. Kristina Seymour is passionate about equipping others to tell their story through Share & Company’s services of product creation, development, publishing, and marketing services. Dr. Seymour is also committed to empowering others to tell their story from a place of healing and victory.

Most people can create something unique, but then what? Dr. Kristina Seymour has the answers, the team, and a way to take creatively unique ideas and bring them to fruition with excellence and encouragement, as the foundation upon which they are built.

Share & Company :: Formula


An IDEA + SUPPORT for the creator (you) + creation and production of that idea through PUBLISHING EXCELLENCE and encouragement as the priority + creation of a plan for SHARING that idea with others and implementation of that plan = SHARE & COMPANY.

SUCCESS is achieved upon continual repetition of this formula.

Share & Company :: Definition of Success

 … as defined by Kristina Seymour of Share & Company.

Success: the process by which excellence and encouragement are continually shared; And through that act of sharing, individuals and groups benefit in multifaceted ways.

Success, therefore, is less about being "The Best", or "On Top", and more about a continuation of sharing the message by which you live. For me, and for Share & Company, it is a message of love, strength, faith, grace, mercy, hope, encouragement and perseverance… and the most excellent manifestation of all of them, in tangible form, in our day to day lives.”

Share & Company :: Contact

Kristina Seymour, Psy.D.
Author, Speaker, Publisher, Share & Company Founder
Phone: 678-793-4906