Kristina Seymour loves to gather over coffee and good conversation, growing in knowledge, understanding, and insight; hope and humor are key ingredients as well! No matter the size, when encouragement is the topic, even large events can feel like living room get-togethers.

I am passionate about taking a message and making it clear so that those who hear it may run with it, benefiting not only themselves but everyone they meet!
— Kristina


Over the past 20 years, Dr. Kristina Seymour has authored More than 20 books on topics such as:

  • God's Perfect Love 
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Fears
  • The Power of Prayer and Worship. 
  • Overcoming Codependency
  • Finding and Maintaining Balance 
  • Surviving Tragedy
  • Learning How to Listen with Your Heart
  • Seeing with Eyes of Faith 
  • Learning How to Write Your Story from a Place of Victory
  • Core Principles of Leadership
  • Becoming a Warrior Mom 
  • Becoming a Warrior Wife
  • Variables of Resilience in Military and Civilian Marriages
  • Learning How to Respond Optimally to Life – civilian and military approaches
  • The Physiology of Giving
  • The Value and Purpose of Grief
  • Living by the Power of Prayer and Caffeine in the Midst of Everyday Life

Kristina Seymour, Psy.D.

Kristina Seymour, Psy.D.


Do you have a topic or event that would benefit from a fresh message of encouragement and insight? Dr. Kristina Seymour would love to talk with you about your event and uniquely tailor a message for your audience.

If you are interested in inviting Dr. Kristina Seymour to speak at your event, please contact her at